Take me to the circus!

Some of my all-time favorite memories of my childhood are our trips to see the circus. I just loved, loved, loved going and seeing all of the animals and acrobats.  I would imagine that one day I was going to be one of the animal trainers – working with the horses, elephants, or, even better – the tigers.  I just loved it!

So, I was so thrilled when we decided that we were going to take the girls to see the circus this year as part of Big Girl’s birthday celebrations. I think I was as excited (or more) than the kids were.  I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive and I woke up early anticipating how much fun our day was going to be. 

It was all that I imagined and more. 

We got awesome seats (purely by accident since I had never ordered seats for our Arena online before) and were 4 rows from the main floor.  We were close enough to see all the action and yet far enough away that we didn’t get sore necks from trying to watch everything.  Also, we were so lucky to have gotten “club” seats that were part of a “members only” section with private restrooms, etc.  That was extra nice when we had to take the girls to the bathroom and wander away from our awesome seats.  It felt like we were special, even though I knew we hadn’t planned it that way.  The girls will probably think that it is always that way since they have no other frame of reference, and I was really happy that I was able to give them that experience the first time.

Anyway, like I said, our seats were awesome.  And with my zoom on the camera, I got some great shots of the action:



The little Princess loved the costumes… especially these. She said they looked like fairies.


I love the elephants. They are so adorable. Those big long eyelashes… just love them.

IMGP2126And the horses – oh my goodness, they were beautiful. Especially that Friesian in the middle.

IMGP2136 Big Girl loved the dog acrobatics.

IMGP2156The highwire act was pretty cool, too. I have never seen anyone dance a Rumba on a highwire before.

IMGP2163More elephants! Love it!

IMGP2185My favorites – the tigers. Aren’t they beautiful?    Awesomely beautiful.

IMGP2205I want one, Mommy. 🙂

But, the most fun for me?  Watching the girls' faces when each new act started. Hearing the gasps and feeling the little one grab my arm in delight as she was thrilled yet again by something.  

Great seats? Wonderful. 

Private bathrooms? Very nice.

My kids' reactions? Priceless.

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