A Fine Line

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I mentioned yesterday that we were going to mix things up a bit today. No Project Life Tuesday post (I'll post my pages tomorrow) – instead we have a guest post from my online friend Kate who lives in the UK, is a very talented digital scrapbooker and designer and writes her own blog over at Liberty Cottage.

I’m guest-posting over at Furry Little Monster, so you can pop over there and see my post on Helen’s blog.  And Helen is guest-posting at Kate’s blog. We’re just hopping all over the place and hoping you’ll join us on all three blogs today to hear how we think we’re turning into our moms.

So, without any further chit-chat, I bring you Kate!

Hello friends of Lois! My name is Kate and I've popped over to say hi to you today from a VERY cold United Kingdom.

Lois, myself and Helen will be guest posting about once a month on each other's blog and this time I've been lucky enough to hop over the pond to join Lois and you guys!

So we all decided that a common theme would be suitable for the mini blog hop…."How I'm turning into my mother".

Now my Mum and I have a very close relationship, she is my best friend and everyone says we are so alike in lots of ways, looks included.

So why did I find it hard to make this page??

We had about three weeks to think up a page. Everytime I started it just didn't seem right. Then I realised…whilst we're very similar…it's the differences between us that make us individual, and suddenly…my scrappers-block lifted and voila here is the page.

A fine line copy blur

I am one of the Baker's Dozen over at Shimelle.com, so I am on her digital design team. My layouts aren't exclusively digital, but the speed and ease of digital lures me in quite often these days. This is no exception!

Apologies for the blurring of pictures, I don't post pictures of me or my family online..which can make showing scrap pages hard sometimes, so close your eyes and imagine two women in their twenties. The left is my Mum at her 21st birthday. The right is me, aged 24. It isn't the best photo of me, but its the only one I have where I'm not showing my teeth when I smile. Mum never shows her teeth on photos. I picked these photos as I wanted to look at the similarities between us physically.

But then..as the pages says…there is only a fine line between us…but that's what makes it interesting.

The journalling reads across….

We both have big blue eyes…we both love taking care of people
One of us is untidy….one of us is tidy
We both have limited patience…we both stand up for ourselves
One of us is organised…the other tries.
One of us works with our hands…one of us works with our head
We both love food. A lot. …..We both have decent sized teeth (random but true!)
We both love the sunshine…we both put our family first
One of us can work computers…the other makes a feeble attempt.
One is a mother…one is a daughter….
We will always be best friends.

I'd just like to say…I purposely mixed up the statements and the photographs to keep the reader guessing. Most of the bad ones are me though. My Mummy is fab!

The kit is from Shabby Princess and was a total freebie. The font is Champagne and Limousine from dafont.com  (free) and Ali Edward's writing.

The digital template is from my own range of digital scrapping elements "Liberty Elements" and Lois has agreed that I can giveaway this template to one of her blog readers as I hope to have some exciting things coming up with Liberty Elements in the next couple of months. Just leave me a comment and tell me how you are/are not like your Mum.

[Give-away ends Sunday 5pm GMT. One winner will be posted on Monday morning 9am GMT (or whenever I get out of bed!)

Terms and Conditions: I've just put this in to look professional. They are free templates but we need an element of fun and exclusivity, so winners: Please do not re-distribute these. Please also credit Liberty Elements @ Liberty Cottage (and a link back to here) if you use them on your blog/upload your pages to galleries. All rights reserved. Whatever that means. Winners will be picked by random.org.]

So…thanks for having me here! I hope you have enjoyed this mini blog hop and hope to see you all soon here at Lois's blog and maybe you'll come and say hi at Liberty Cottage one day too! http://libertycottage.blogspot.com


Keep the fun going! Hop on over to Furry Little Monster for my post!

2 thoughts on “A Fine Line

  1. This is fab, Kate – very clever 🙂
    Am I like my Mum? Sometimes I worry that I am… We both spend way too much time on the computer!! 😉


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