Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US.  Thankfully, neither SuperMan nor I care anything about sports, football in particular. 

We are, however, getting together with some friends for an afternoon of fun together – so I guess someone will be watching the game.  All we usually watch are the commercials! 

We are planning a Nacho-themed buffet. Everyone is bringing toppings to go on nachos. Should be an interesting spread.

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm exhausted today – we had a kids-only event yesterday with our church. 750 kids, 350 volunteers packed into a super-sized bowling alley/theme park place. It was loud, noisy, crowded and way fun.  However, my over-40 body is not used to that kind of activity and I'm paying the price today.  I chuckled at the 20-somethings last night as they moaned about how tired they were.  Really? Poor babies! 🙂

Hope to have my groove back tomorrow.

This upcoming week is a big one. My big girl turns 9 on Friday.

Have a great day today!

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