Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s raining again.

It’s raining. Like it has done almost every day (or every other day) for the past two or three weeks. (maybe longer)

IMGP1333Generally, I don’t mind the rain.  Actually, I kinda like it. The pitter patter on the roof is very soothing to me.

It makes me want to take a nap. 

Which is part of the problem right now. 

It’s the darkest part of the winter. It’s raining. And all I want to do is sleep. 

Which is totally not part of my life’s plan right now. 

I have this silly thing called work that keeps piling up on me – people want their classes released and their spreadsheets updated. (sigh) 

I have this family that wants dinner every single night (can you imagine!) and I have these kids that want attention and love and snuggles.

And all I want to do is sleep.IMGP1341

Thank goodness for vitamins and caffeine.

They’re keeping me going right now.  Even though, inside, my body is screaming for sleep. 

Maybe I’m part bear? Maybe I am supposed to hibernate in the winter. Yeah, maybe that is it.

I’m not sure.

But, I do know that I’m much perkier on a sunny day.  Which we desperately need right now.  The small farm close to us has a pond that has tripled in size in the last 24 hours because of this rain.

My puppies are rather smelly right now because of this rain. I love puppy smell, but not wet puppy smell.

IMGP1339Buster doesn’t like the rain, either. I’ve never seen a dog so adverse to getting wet. 

And the worst part of that? He gets to sleep all day.


Darn rain.

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