A Revelation

The other day, I had a revelation.

I am a digital scrapbooker.

Ha! Are you laughing?

I’m serious!

It dawned on me the other day as I was unpacking my recent shipment from Scrapping Simply. (which are beautiful page prints, by the way. Their printing services are awesome.) 

It dawned on me as I was unpacking the forty-six pages I had scrapped (digitally) since September. FORTY-SIX pages! As I counted the pages, I realized that I have never scrapped that many pages traditionally in a four month period of time (except maybe before the kids were born) other than at a retreat.  FORTY-SIX pages!!

I thought, WOW!  So, in addition to being mess-free, apparently, for me, digital is also inspiring me to scrap more.

I am going to a crop tomorrow night with a friend and I don’t have that much that is waiting to be done.  And, I’m thinking I may just take it easy on my back and take the ole laptop and scrap digitally at the crop. How cool is that?

So, while I have been operating under the idea that I was still a paper scrapbooker who was dabbling in some digital, I think I must change my perception of myself.

I am a digital scrapbooker. (she pauses to let the concept sink in to her brain)

Who knew?

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