Snow – Southern Style

Those of you who live in more Northern climes (WLN!) will probably laugh at my excitement over the piddly little snowfall we had tonight.  I have to agree, it’s pretty sad.  But when it rarely snows and hardly ever sticks, we Southerners tend to take our snowfall with great glee. 

It had been sleeting all day – pretty steadily since around 3PM.  My brother (who lives in the Pacific Northwest) had gotten four inches of snow last night and my girls were green with envy.  So when the sleet started to accumulate, they were excited.  (as was Sydney)


Sydney was the funniest, though. She tried to eat the ice. 


Buster was hiding on his bed in the house, hoping we had forgotten he was there. He hates the cold and hates the wet even worse.

The girls were already asleep when the snow started.  I had to sneak out to take pictures.


Even though it isn’t much, it sure is pretty.

IMGP1903 IMGP1905_edited-1   IMGP1902_edited-1 


and now, off to bed. Busy day tomorrow.

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