A special treat

Just for you StoryBook Creator Plus users…

Here are some templates you might like to try out! (Merry (late) Christmas!)

Here is a sample of the first one:


And here is the template: (click on the image to download)


You can read the blog post where I talked about the layout above here.  BUT – use the link above (in the photo of the template) to download the .page file template. I posted the other template before I knew the easy way to share templates and if you use the new link you will download a bunch of junk you don’t need.

Here is the second one:


And the template:



You can read the blog post where I talked about the layout above here.  Remember, use the link above to download the template here so you only get the .page file and not a bunch of junk you don’t need.

And, a special bonus template for you:


I don’t have a sample layout yet – but you can use your imagination. :-)  Click on the image to download the .page file.

If you have never downloaded templates before, here are some tips on how to bring them into your SBC+ program. You can’t just open the .page file.

  1. When you download the template, save it somewhere easy to find. I suggest creating a folder in your My Documents/Creative Memories/ folder called “Templates.”
  2. In SBC+, create a blank StoryBook just for storing templates. I have one I so creatively called ”templates.”
  3. In the new StoryBook, click on “Import Page” (on the Home ribbon)
  4. Find your .page file you saved in your Templates folder. (or whatever you called it)
  5. You can now edit the page as you like.

Here is a link to the CM website where they tell you all about importing template pages.

I’m working on some more templates. Hope to have them posted next week sometime!

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