Friday Five on Saturday

Well, as we say in the South, I’m a day late and a dollar short.

Sorry I missed the Friday Five yesterday. I was so caught up in catching up on my JYC album that this totally slipped my mind.  But, as I sit here this morning sipping my tea and eating the yummy breakfast SuperMan made for me, I have been surfing my favorite blogs.

I have some awesome holiday ideas to share with you.

Without further adieu, here are my Five Favorite New Holiday Ideas.  I may not make any of them anytime soon, but they are way cool and totally cute.

1. Tiny Gingerbread Houses perched on a mug: These are so cute!  I saw these over at the Simply Handmade blog, but she found them on the Not Martha blog. Both are awesome and worth visiting.

2. Anonymous Christmas Elf: This is such a neat idea! All it really takes is some creativity, a little time, and a tiny bit of money. I will be doing this next year for sure.

3. Truffles: I found this one on the Sorta Crunchy blog. Still thinking it may be worth trying as we have some serious chocoholics here.

4. This one is not necessarily holiday-related, but I like the idea because one of the challenges during the school break is keeping your kids occupied so you don’t hear the dreaded “I’m bored!”  My oldest has been asking to scrap digitally and I’ve just not gotten brave enough to let her yet.  But this article gives some great tips – I think I may just give her a go.

5. And the last one – totally cute idea, especially if you have little people who want to play with your nativity scene all through Advent: A wooden block nativity as seen over at the Pioneer Woman’s blog. What? You’ve never read her blog? What are you waiting for?

Ok, that is it for me. I have five batches of cookies to bake today and company coming tomorrow and Tuesday. Lots to do. No more computer time for me.

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