I think I’m in love…

I have been very, very resistant to Photoshop for years… It just seemed too complex, too "big" and too hard to learn.  I have been quite happy with traditional scrapbooking, thankyouverymuch

Then, this summer, I got the new version of Creative Memories' StoryBook Creator Plus software.  I loved it. (I still do.)  I loved all the things I could do with it.  I got hooked on digital scrapbooking and started scouring the internet looking for ideas, downloads, templates, papers, embellishments; you name it, I was looking at/for it. 

I started taking some online classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  Over there, everyone (and I mean everyone) uses Photoshop Elements. (at a minimum, it seems!) Classes come with downloadable templates, files to make your life easier, etc. <grrr… I don't use Photoshop!>

So, there I was re-creating the templates, re-doing all the work that had been done for me to save me time to do what I really love, which is scrapbooking!

What's a girl to do?

Well, you know how the old saying goes… If you can't beat 'em…

So, I decided to download an evaluation copy of Photoshop Elements from Adobe's website.  It has a 30 day trial period and I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a whirl.  However, the last time I downloaded a copy, I think I only opened it once.  Not a very effective way to evaluate a tool, I guess.  So, this time I was determined to really prove to myself once and for all that Photoshop was not for me.

Let me restate that… I was going to prove that I did not need Photoshop.

Boy, was I wrong!

You know all those beautiful pictures you see on the web?  Photoshop-enhanced. (I guarantee you)  All those beautiful scrapbook layouts? Ditto.

I have taken a few free tutorials online – there's one on Jessica Sprague's website, another three over on Nan Scott's website

And then, tonight, I started playing.  and playing. and playing. (thank goodness the kids went to bed early!)


Once you get the hang of the basics, it is soooo cool! 

Now I am dying to take some more classes and learn some more techniques. (Do you have any to share? If so, point me in the right direction, please!!)

Here's my first "real" page created in PSE…


The template came from Scrap Girls, and the papers and embellishments were from Michelle Coleman (it was a freebie download)

I have to say it… I think I'm hooked.  I think I'm in love…

It was so much easier to just open the template, drop in the paper, pictures and embellishments! Wowee!

I'll share more of the calendar pages as I get them created… I'm sure there are going to be more!

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