RSS Feeds to your Inbox. Cool.

I love reading my list of blogs I've subscribed to. They are how I start my day – slowly kick-starting my brain with all the interesting tidbits from the writers.  Some are crafty. Some are political. Some are about faith. Some are just plain silly.  But all of them are cherished by me.

And now I'm really happy.

I have found this: Feed my Inbox.  It's a service that automatically sends your RSS feeds directly to your email. I don't have to hop from blog to blog, or use a reader service like Google (which I'm not too fond of). I can be lazy and just check my email each morning.

Feed my inbox

How cool is that?

Give it a try… let me know what you think.  All you have to do is add the link to the blog you read and your email address. It's easy peasy, as my girls would say.

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