White Collar

We watched a great new show last night.  The premiere was actually a few weeks ago (I love DVRs) but we finally sat down to watch the recording last night.

White Collar is a combination of mystery, adventure, and comedy all rolled into one.  The premise is this: an incarcerated con artist who offers to help an FBI agent (who just happened to have arrested him four years previously) capture various white collar criminals.  The premiere episode was very entertaining.  The mystery/chase of the “bad guy” almost becomes the back story to the interactions between the main characters.  The suave, debonair Neal Caffery has the ability to charm (con) almost anyone into doing or giving away anything.  His connections to the underworld of con artists proves valuable to FBI agent Peter Burke as the case progresses.

Burke, your typical somewhat stuffy FBI agent, is charming in a Darrin (from Bewitched in the 70’s) kind of way. (He even looks like a modern-day Darrin to me)  He struggles with his decision to let Caffery out of prison to help with solving the crime and doing the “right” thing by letting him stay in prison and serve his time.  He is a great foil to Caffery’s smooth talking and together they make a great pair.

I think this one will go on our roster of shows to record and watch on a regular basis.  It’s definitely worth checking out this Friday night (on USA) if you haven’t seen it yet.

My general ranking for a TV show goes something like this:

whitecollarDoes it make me laugh?    Yes

Did it entertain me the whole hour?   Yes

Was it worth staying up late for (i.e. losing sleep)?  Yes

Will I watch again?  Yes, definitely

*oh, and Matt Bomer is definitely worth staying up for – just looking at him is fun. 🙂

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