Portugese Sweet Bread

I made some bread this weekend.  I found a recipe for Portugese Sweet Bread. It sounded too good to resist.  

I had planned to show you pictures of it after it came out of the bread machine.

There was one small problem.

My family gobbled it up. (the nerve!)

Before photos could be taken.  (next time I will take the pictures first)

But, if you like making bread at home, I would highly suggest you give this recipe a try. It rivals some of the "high end" breads at the grocery store in flavor and texture.  And the best part is, you know exactly what is in it. No chemicals, no artificial flavors or preservatives. 

My kids NEVER eat my homemade bread.  They devoured this one and told everyone we saw today how good "mommy's bread" was.
So, take it from my kids. It's worth trying out.

Recipe can be found on AllRecipes.com

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