simply amazing

I was at my mom’s house a few weeks ago… it is very humid there (they live near the coast) and so all sorts of things grow in places you would never imagine.

One morning, I went outside to swing with my little girl.  She said she couldn’t sit on the swing because there were “prickly things” on her swing and she was afraid they would poke her if she sat down.

As I bent down to look at the “prickly things,” this is what I saw:

Picture 013

How cool is that?

Perfectly formed teeny, tiny mushrooms, growing on the seat of the swing.  And in a perfect spiral!simply amazing

Something so small that most of us would never have noticed.

Something so mundane that could be easily overlooked.

And yet…

A thing of beauty.

There is no reason (that I know of) for the mushrooms to grow in a perfect spiral.  They had such teeny little stems – they were smaller than a straight pin.  And the tops were perfect little cups turned upside down, balancing on the fragile stems.

How awesome.

Glorious beauty on a swing after the rain.

God’s wonder there for us to see… if only we look.

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