Wordless Wednesday




It has to be a Wordless Wednesday.

I have no words.

Who is this woman-child?

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Wordless (sorta) Wednesday

I found this in Angelina’s papers from school yesterday – this was an assignment to write about her hero –


“My hero is God. Because he watches over me. He is always with me. He helps me through a hard time. He always loves me. He sings lullabies to me when I go to bed. He hears me when my heart is broken. He makes me feel confident.”


my sweet baby.

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying the sunshine on Sunday after church – Lunch on the Lawn on the church grounds.

img_0045 img_0042

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Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

So, today is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but I have some thoughts to share with you that (sort of) go along with the photos I want to share.

IMG_20101012_181235 IMG_20101012_181042 We went to the fair yesterday, the girls and I.  This was the first time in a few years that I’d been to the fair, but SuperMan was working late and the only good night to go this week was last night. I wasn’t looking forward to it, dreading it actually, but I “sucked it up” and took them.  My neighbor (and good friend) went with me so that our kids could ride the rides together and we’d have moral support as well.  I was thinking I was going to need it.

You see, in years past, I have hated the fair. Yes, hated it.

I hated the noise. I hated the crowds.

I hated the carnies. I hated the smells.

I hated the walking. I hated the sensory overload.

It was misery in action for me.

I would go, only to please my family, but couldn’t wait to leave and cringing inside the whole time.

Only yesterday was different.

And I think it is because I am different these days.

Yesterday was fun.

Yes, there were crowds of scary people (where do all those weirdos come from anyway?)

Yes, there was a lot of noise and smelly smells and weird, creepy carnival people.

There was all of that.

But, somehow, yesterday, it was fun.

I loved watching my kids on the rides.

I loved watching them get their faces painted.

I loved hanging out with my friends and running into other friends (hi, Leigh Ann!)

I loved the crazy robot who wanted to “double-dog dare” us

I loved watching the rescue dogs do their frisbee tricks.

Imagine that.

I loved the fair.

Oh, and the best part?  I wasn’t exhausted when we got home. My feet weren’t aching and I didn’t feel like I’d just climbed Mt. Everest.

Yes, things are definitely different these days.

And I like it this way.

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