Pinterest is dangerous

I could spend hours (and sometimes do) looking at Pinterest.

The creativity and ideas are just stunning…

The trick, though, is to not get bogged down in LOOKING and use it as a springboard for DOING.

Today I took advantage of a little free time and did just that.

I found this pin:

Pinned Image

And I thought that the cover would be really nice for my bible.

I followed the link to the blog where there were some samples (so pretty!)

And then I remembered the fat quarters I had in my drawer that were originally going to be napkins but Big Girl and I decided they were too pretty to be napkins.  So, they were just waiting to be used…


I wonder if they’d be big enough for a bible cover?

I pulled up the website where this project was and tried to figure out how to make it without spending money on a pattern. I mean, it’s basically a rectangle, right? How hard could it be?


So, I fiddled and pinned (and called Mom to talk it through) and finally figured it out.



It fits perfectly!


If I’d had a little more fabric, I would’ve made the insides a little longer, but I think it is good enough.


Now, I wonder what else I can make that I find on Pinterest?!?

My newest obsession

I think I have found a new love… and the coolest part about it is that there are no calories involved!

I’ve discovered a joy in sewing.


I never thought of myself as anyone who would enjoy sewing – as a matter of fact, I have traditionally come up with sewing projects and then tried to coerce my mom into making them for me… to her credit, that rarely worked and she usually just coached me along and made me do them myself.  But I was always very intimidated and afraid of ye olde sewing machine and shied away from any projects I saw.

Until recently.

Then I got this harebrained idea to make non-calorie-coma-inducing Christmas gifts and I started to search for an easy project.


And these were born.

My girls helped. They were the stuffers and turner-right-side-outers.  It was a fun project and everyone seemed to be pleased when they got them for Christmas.

I also made some placemats.


I figured sewing a rectangle couldn’t be that difficult, right?


My finished product:


And they looked nice on my table for Christmas dinner!


Now, I’m considering some new projects for the new year…

I want to make some cheerful napkins to use (I’ve forgone paper napkins in favor of cloth – so much easier (and cheaper!) to use) and I’m considering some other projects that I’ve stumbled across on Pinterest:

Cute bag and quilt instructions.

How cute is that?

so cute. may have to make these for summertime purses.

And that!?!?

And mug rugs for my tea cups. So cute!

More on mug rugs...

And if I get really ambitious:

review includes link to pattern -- cute bag!

Oh my.

links to NINE different bag-sewing tutorials.

This could be dangerous…


Have you got any great pins on Pinterest?

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