Project Life Tuesday ~ 4.3.12

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It’s APRIL, people!


WOW. Just wow. The year is flying by. Earlier this week, I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough pictures to fill the week in the album. Boy, was I wrong! I ended up with two inserts in addition to the usual weekly pages.  Part of that is because I devoted an entire page + to Little Bit’s newest attempt to ride a bike without training wheels. Big Girl took pictures (I was at the grocery store and I have trained her well – SuperMan said she told him “Mom will kill you if we don’t get pictures of this.”) I think she likes that her photos are featured in the family album and I love the help!

Add to that the beautiful weather and some silly critters and I had a lot of stuff to share. So, get comfy, you’ve got a lot of stuff to look at here.

(and remember to click on any picture you want to see larger)

The first two-page spread: (you can see the other insert peeking through) I used a smaller insert (on the right) with 3 4×6 photos – it was just enough to capture the rest of the bike pictures.


Next, a close up of those photos:imgp4149

I am having fun  using up my “stash” and finding things to go together that weren’t meant to go together – like the Creative Memories’ pink die-cut and stickers to go with another scrap-pad paper and the PL grid journaling card cut down and stuck on top.


And then the back of the smaller insert and the front of the second insert: (Silly puppy shots)


And let’s all sing “Hallelujah!” for my new dishwasher! (hee hee)

Close ups:

The stickers on the puppy pictures were from a sheet from Jillibean Soup. imgp4148

I made the journal card on the bottom right using my PL Digital papers from Jessica Sprague. Sticker on the picture of Little Bit reading was a circle I cut in half from October Afternoon and the label on the yummy dinner picture is a Martha Stewart label from the Staples collection.


Back of the second insert and the final page:imgp4152

Close ups:


The polka dot paper is from My Mind’s Eye (I think I got the pad of paper at Michael’s) and the words on vellum are from an old Creative Memories pack I had.  More Martha Stewart labels on the other pictures and a picture of the book I’m reading right now.

And close up of the last page:


The journal card is from Kate Teague (This Life collection) and I added the “This Story” to the top from another file in the same kit and dropped it on there. The paper flowers were more Creative Memories stuff I uncovered.  The Happy Spring page I used as my week indicator came from Ali Edwards and I edited it to change the background color to match the journal card and then added the week, the paper flower and some glitter poka dots with a Gelly Roll glitter pen. The “Hello Spring” came from Sprik Space. I just found that blog and love the designs! imgp4151_close up1

Because I thought I wasn’t going to have a lot of pictures for the week, I did a screen print of the audio book I’m listening to, the Daily Mile page to show my walks this week (yay, me!) and the poster of the movie SuperMan and I went to see Friday night. I like it, though. Bits of ephemera about our life.imgp4151_close up2

Well, that’s it for this week – hope you liked it and thanks for stopping by!

Project Life Tuesday 3.27.12

Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday!The Mom Creative

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Can you believe March is almost over?

It feels strange.

Especially so since we never really had a winter here. We went from fall to a pseudo-spring-winter-type season and then spring/summer has begun. Crazy.

Of course, the kids and I can’t wait for school to be out and we’re looking forward to spring break next week – no early mornings and a much easier schedule. I’ll still be working, but I’m sure we’ll fit some fun adventures in during the week.

Here are my pages for the past week. Somewhat simple, but I like them. I stuck with a color scheme of peaches, light blue, and pinks… in keeping with my Project Life journal cards I had chosen. It was fun to find other things to add to the mix that complemented those colors.

Here’s the two page spread with and without the insert: (you can click on the image to make it larger)



The Left page:


Close ups:


And the Right page:


and a close up:


LOVE using my chats and capturing the little things – also loving this picture of Big Girl and Superman from Saturday.

Like I said; sweet and simple this week. But I like it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Project Life Tuesday ~ October 2011

I haven’t done very well at keeping up with the Project Life posts… or with the photos, actually. I got so busy in September and then got sick and all that stuff just fell by the wayside.

Here’s my attempt to “catch up” – mostly photos from my iPhone, but they are capturing everyday life, so they don’t have to be “professional” quality, right?

I think the page turned out pretty well…

OCT Photos

I love that I got some of Big Girl – she is not always interested in having her picture taken these days… and the puppies, who have been enjoying time with us lately.

Did you notice the adorable “vampire” pumpkin she created? So cute.

The dark photo – the one you can barely see what is in it – is the graveyard close to our house. We drove through there the other night at dusk. The people who have family members have these “candles” that light at dusk and the whole graveyard was lit up with them – tiny, flickering lights as far as you could see. It was kind of spooky and kind of sweet at the same time.

The rainbow was one I saw on the way to knit the other night. It had been an absolutely horrible day and I was so “done” with things. I was just begging the universe for a break when I saw the rainbow.  As one of my friends said on Facebook “He is listening!” – Amen to that! It sure turned my mood around!

And of course, my piles and piles of books for studying for my PMP exam… and the pizza we enjoyed last Friday night (SO good!) at the new pizza joint we tried.

And piles of Kleenex! and cough drops! and hot tea! for the sick girl!!

And finally, the “shrubbery” SuperMan brought home to me on Saturday.  That’s what I get for quoting Monty Python to him as he walked out the door… (hee hee) I was totally shocked and absolutely thrilled.

And how has your picture taking been going?

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Project Life Tuesday ~ 13 September 11

Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately. The blog has been quiet but my life has not! Which is why I haven’t had a blog post – I’ve just been so busy!

But I am sharing my recent photos for Project Life Tuesday today. I haven’t taken many, but here are the ones from last week:


a rainy day walk with SuperMan and the pups


Lilly pads on the lake


Walking with the munchkins


Big Girl’s science project on cells


Big Girl learning to shoot the BB Gun with her grandpa.


We have been invaded – by birdies of all sorts – including hummingbirds!


Walking walking walking – that was my week – a great stress reliever.imgp3685

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Project Life Tuesday ~ 16 August

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Just a few shots today from our weekend adventures as I’ve already shared the back-to-school shots on the blog last week.

We took the girls to the science museum on Saturday.  Had a great time exploring all of the exhibits together.PL Template 8-13 2PL Template 8-13

That’s it for this week!

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Project Life Tuesday

This week, with it’s holiday on Monday, has my posting schedule a little off.

So, Project Life Tuesday is on Wednesday this week.

Recipes will be coming soon and who knows how I’ll end up the week.

We had an interesting and busy week last week – the last couple days of school, travel to my Mom’s, and some fun adventures while we were down there.

Let’s get this started,shall we?

Monday: “hookey day” and hanging out on the hammock. Little Bit’s fashion for the day.

IMG_0395   IMG_0399

Tuesday: my office – conference calls from the hammock.  IMG_0403IMG_0401Wednesday: Taco Salad nightIMG_0400Thursday: Bread baking to take to Ammi & Pop PopIMG_0396


Friday: No picture – we were traveling

Saturday: Farmer’s MarketIMG_0408

Sunday: Swimming in the hot tub at Ammi’s houseIMG_0412

Monday: Little Bit lost another tooth!IMG_0417

And the girls love to make things with leftover “parts” from SuperMan’s side jobs.IMG_0413

What about you? did you take any pictures last week?

You can view more of my photo-a-day project over on It's a Beautiful Life.

Picture of the Day: Tough day at “the office”

One of the perks of working from home – conference calls from the hammock!