Lenten Food

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How many of you observe Lenten rituals?

Any of you?

I grew up not eating meat on Fridays during Lent (and Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, etc) so we ate a lot of fishy-type things during those evenings. Growing up on the coast, it was a relatively easy thing to do.  There were shrimpers selling fresh-caught shrimp right off the boats, fish markets, and then the fish Daddy caught whenever he went fishing.

But one of my favorite dinners, ironically, didn’t have anything to do with fresh-caught fish and was (gasp!) made from canned fish.

It’s still one of the few fishy-type things I like to eat.

Salmon Croquettes – and Momma would serve them with grits, usually. Actually, I don’t remember her ever serving them with anything else.  If she did, it didn’t register. And I can’t imagine eating them with anything else.

SuperMan likes the leftovers for breakfast sandwiches (or for his morning break at work) but the thought of fish for breakfast makes my stomach do not-so-nice flips and turns.

Little Bit loves them as well, but Big Girl (like her Momma and Grandmama) doesn’t care too much for food of the aquatic nature.  When I cook salmon croquettes, I usually have to give her another option. It’s just not gonna happen for her.

image Anyway, if you’re looking for something to serve one night, give these a try. For you non-Southerners, I don’t quite know what to suggest you eat them with… since grits are what I prefer!

Here are links to a few grits recipes. They are not really complicated to make, but if you’ve never made them before, I’m sure having something to follow will make you feel more comfortable.

And here is the recipe for the Salmon Croquettes.

Salmon Croquettes

~ 1 lb of salmon
(I buy the pouches from the grocery & usually get 4-6 large pouches.
There is also canned salmon, too. You’d need 2 cans)
1-2 eggs
corn meal
cracker meal

Momma puts diced onion in hers, but I’m not a big fan of onions in them, so I usually leave them out. SuperMan, however, loves the addition of the onions.

Mix the salmon, egg, corn meal (and/or cracker meal) to form patties. Season with salt & pepper.  You may need 2 eggs depending on how wet or dry your salmon is. If you buy the canned salmon (rather than the pouches) you will want to remove the skin and bones before you make your patties.

You can make the patties as big or as little as you like. I try to make them about palm-sized, so they fit nicely in a bun or biscuit when SuperMan takes them as “to go” meals.

I roll them in some additional corn meal/cracker meal (blended & seasoned) to make a crust before I put them in the frying pan.

Fry them in vegetable oil until they are a nice, rich brown.  I use a slotted spatula to flip them because sometimes they are cranky and may try to fall apart.

Remove them to a paper-towel-covered plate to cool.

It’s a quick and easy supper and one that is filling, too.