The Best Broccoli You’ll Ever Eat?!?

I just stumbled across this recipe/blog this morning (sorry, I can’t find the blog I linked from to find this blog – I’m getting old and my attention span is less than 3 seconds long – and my short term memory is shorter than that!)


I’m going to try this tonight (or tomorrow night) and I’ll let you know how it tastes.  IMG_1.JPG

Photo is from the Amateur Gourmet’s blog

I’m on a campaign to get my girls to eat more vegetables – and find ways to cook them so they taste good enough that they will WANT to eat them.

This recipe sounds like it might actually do the trick. It’s for roasted broccoli.

Yes, ROASTED.  But it sounds yummy – it’s got garlic (a necessity in my house) and lemon zest/juice on the broccoli.

It just might work.

I’ll keep you posted.

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