Easter Bunnies of the large and unusual kind

Our local farmer has a yearly tradition in which he puts out round bales of hay in the fall and paints them to look like Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween.  They magically morph into snowmen for the wintertime and this year he has gone even further by creating Easter Bunnies!


I absolutely LOVE this tradition and can’t wait for the hay bales to appear each fall and watch the transformation through the seasons. How cool that they are now sticking around into the spring!


The cows were in the pasture today – very curious about the big guy taking pictures of them (SuperMan took these for me)


I love the cows – still fluffy from their winter coats and oh, so curious.


And the mamas so careful to step between the weird man and the babies.


Mamas and babies – yes, spring is coming, folks…IMGP4569

I’m wondering what he could make those hay bales into for the summer…