March Madness (part 2)

Now that I’ve confessed to all of the insanity of my March planning, I thought it was only fair that I share with you the flip-throughs of the planners I used.

You’ll see in this video the evolution (or de-evolution?) of my planning through the month, which I think was influenced by some vacation time and a busy work schedule. I’m still getting used to the empty nest mama life, too.

For April, I’m hoping to settle back into my beloved Matilda. (fingers crossed)

Stay tuned for a video of my April setup!

A Day in the life … of my planner

Thought I’d bring you along on a normal workday and see how I use my planner throughout the day. You’ll learn something new… I’m not a morning person!

August Flip & September Setup What am I up to now?!?

Wrapping up August and talking about my plans for September… I’m considering changing sizes and sharing my ideas about two options for planning in September.