Review: A6+ Moterm Cover

I recently purchased an A6+ cover from Moterm to house my A6 Stalogy. Here’s a quick run-down of my thoughts about the cover. Hope you enjoy!

December Planner Setup

I’m still contemplating what I’m going to do for 2022 in my planner, but for right now I’m happily at home in my A6 rings. In this video, you’ll get a glimpse of my latest acquisition – a new dark teal Moterm ring binder. It’s simply lovely.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Autumn Adventures: Anna Ruby Falls

As we love to do in the fall, we spent a Saturday in the mountains. One of several we’ve done this year as we’ve tried to seize the day and embrace relaxation and adventure more in our lives. After the past year and a half, we’ve realized how important this is to the quality of living and happiness.

On this trip, we invited our oldest daughter to join us. We headed out mid-morning and just pointed the car north. Our meanderings took us to Anna Ruby Falls first and then on to Lake Burton.

Anna Ruby Falls was busy – which was to be expected in the height of “leaf-peeping” season. It was worth the crowds and the long wait to get into the park, however. It was just beautiful. It’s been a long time since we visited Anna Ruby Falls – I think the girls were around 6 and 9 when we went (so forever ago!). I’d forgotten about the hike up there and was pleasantly surprised to see it was a nice, paved walk that was relatively easy to handle. I even saw some people pushing babies in strollers (and puppy dogs in puppy strollers!)

I used the excuse to film a few times to stop and enjoy the view (and catch my breath). Mary Beth left us in the dust as she’s acclimated to the altitude and hilly walks living in the mountains as she does. Rob and I were content to meander and enjoy the fall sunshine and falling leaves. It was a perfect day for our adventure. Not too hot or too cold with a brilliant blue sky and bright sunshine.

After we enjoyed the falls, we headed out to meander some more and wound our way over to Lake Burton. I can’t remember ever going there (although Rob says we have) and it was spectacularly beautiful. The fall leaves, gorgeous sky, and sparkling lake were just a feast for the eyes. I’d like to find a cabin to rent there and stay some time, just to soak in the views some more.

Lake Burton, Georgia

Finally, we rounded out our day with a ride through Helen and a pit stop at a BBQ joint alongside the river as you leave Helen. If you’ve never been to Helen, it’s a kitschy little mountain town that has reinvented itself as an Alpine village/tourist attraction. Lots of shops and restaurants and on this day a TON of tourists up from Atlanta to take in the sights. We trudged through the traffic to roll on through town as quickly as we could. None of us are big on crowds and Mary Beth says she avoids Helen like the plague. Hah!

However, the dinner stop at Riverside Tavern was worth the slog through Helen’s traffic. It looks like a dive from the outside (and it is definitely a hole-in-the-wall kind of place) but it was most assuredly not. Inside, is a small dining area, a bar, and a door to an outside patio dining area. We ended up eating inside because the sun was going down and it was getting cool outside. The Georgia game was on, and Rob and Mary Beth were happy to watch the game while we pigged out on some delicious food. She had a BBQ sandwich and Rob and I split a rack of ribs. It was one of the most delicious racks of ribs I’ve had in a restaurant (Rob’s are the absolute best) and my mouth is watering now just remembering them. There was a plethora of food and we ended up taking about a half of the rack home (which we enjoyed for lunch later in the week).

Then it was off to home, with a surprise along the way. I’ll let you watch our video of the day below to see what that was.

Overall, it was a really nice day and we enjoyed spending time with Mary Beth and soaking up some fall sunshine and beautiful views.

So, you want a new planner

It’s new planner season in case you didn’t know.

This happens twice a year – once in May/June (for academic planners) and again in the fall (November/December) for annual calendars. We’re smack-dab in the middle of prime planner/calendar buying season right now. And if you are like me and love to try them all out, it’s kind of like Christmas came early!

I have a friend who told me not too long ago that she wanted me to help her with setting up a planner for 2022. I was so flattered at her request, and I can’t wait to geek out on helping her with this new endeavor. But as I reflected on what we might discuss and how I might help her, it got me to thinking of a few questions I wanted to start with when we talked. I thought I would share them with you in case you might be looking to start fresh in 2022 with a new planner setup.

So, let’s dive in, shall we?

First Question: For what do you want to use a planner?

Here are some options to consider:

  • Memory keeping
  • Schedules/time management
  • Projects
  • Task tracking
  • Team management/family management
  • Household management

Each use may require a different style planner. For example, if you are primarily using a planner to keep memories, journal, add photos, and memorabilia, you may find a blank notebook or unstructured day-per-page format the best to use. In the past five or so years, the scrapbooking movement has morphed into a creative planner movement. There are many options available for this type of creative memory keeping/”planning.” A bullet journal also lends itself to a creative outlet if you are looking for a blank slate to do whatever strikes your fancy.

If you are managing a schedule or keeping close track of your time, then a planner with a timeline will be important to you. Depending on how you manage your schedule, you may find that a weekly planner is plenty. Or you may decide that you want a daily planner so that you can keep detailed records for each day.

If you are managing projects, then you may need a combination of a calendar for deliverables and due dates as well as some type of project management pages to help you track key tasks, deliverables, and timelines. If you are managing a team, and that would include your family, you may need a blend of a project-based and schedule-based planner. You may need to coordinate multiple schedules, key activities, contacts, and more.

For project-based and team-based planning, you will probably find that you’re going to need a certain amount of flexibility, too. Something that will help you to keep all the project/team schedules and deliverables organized as well as something with some ability to adapt as projects and team dynamics evolve over time.

I’m sure you’re already trying to put the pegs into the holes at this point, identifying what kind of planner you think you need based on this quick assessment. But don’t.

Get clear about your purpose first – Why do you want a planner? What are you trying to accomplish by having one? Take some time to think about this, jot down some notes, and really mull it over. If you do this, it will help you to do a better job of moving to the next step –

Once you know what your purpose is, you can tackle the packaging.

This is misleading, because you may be thinking “Ok, you just told me not to put the “pegs in the holes” and now we’re talking about packaging. Isn’t that the same thing? Not really. There’s a little more to consider here.

Second Question: Think about where you may use your planner.

Will you be taking it with you on the go? If you are like me, you may want to have your planner with you everywhere you go. In which case, you’ll need something portable and compact. A larger planner can be bulky and cumbersome to tote around on a daily basis.

However, you may decide you don’t need your planner everywhere you go and that you’d rather opt for something that you would leave on your desk. This would enable you to have a potentially larger planner without the worry of weight and bulk to deal with.

As you are evaluating the purpose of your planner, consider how and where you will use it. 

There is a trade-off in size and weight to be considered when you are thinking about this. What is more important to you? The amount of space that you need to capture notes, ideas, and schedules, or the portability and accessibility?

I used to carry an A5/Half-letter daily planner. For years, that was my go-to.  I needed the space for meeting notes, project plans, and team schedules.  And when I wasn’t working full-time, I downsized to a smaller, more portable weekly view.  It was more important to have my planner with me (tossed in a diaper bag on many occasions) than it was to have copious amounts of space for note-taking. My life was different. My needs were different.

Nowadays, I opt for a smaller, A6 size planner. Most of my work-related planning is done online through my work calendar and a more petite planner suits my needs for personal tasks and calendaring. I like the portability this size offers and have not had a need for a larger size page for the most part. And when I do, I simply fold the paper and stick it in my smaller planner.

And finally, think about how much flexibility you need.

Do you find that you are happiest when everything is pre-configured for you, and you just have to fill in the blanks with your own dates and information? Or do you prefer to have a certain amount of control over the structure of your planner – with customizations for each section of the planner?  Backing up to the first question – how you are going to use your planner – will drive some of the answers to this third question as well. 

Now we are starting to put the pegs in the holes and pulling the pieces together – purpose, size, use, flexibility.

If you need the flexibility to add/remove sections, create custom inserts, move things around, etc. then you are most likely going to want something that will allow you to do so easily. A ring-bound or disc-bound system would work great for this purpose.  Think about Filofax, Franklin Covey, or one of the many disc-bound systems on the market.  There are many styles of inserts available, and you can customize a planner like this to your heart’s content. Each of these planners offers multiple sizes, also, so you can choose the size, style and setup that suits your needs.

If you are more interested in just being able to sit down and plot out a calendar and/or task list quickly without having to invest in a lot of inserts, then a bound planner may be more your style.

From there, you can consider whether you want a coil/spiral-bound planner or a book-bound planner.  There are a plethora of options on the market.  Some popular coil-bound planners include Erin Condren and Plum Paper.  (Among many, many others) Plum Paper offers the ability to customize your inserts and include additional sections.  So, you have some flexibility with the setup and still retain a coil-bound system. (They also offer unbound inserts you can put in a ring- or disc-bound planner)

The Japanese planner market has exploded in popularity in the past few years.  Hobonichi, Jibun Techo, and Mark’s System are just a few of the popular brands. These offer high-quality, ultra-thin papers with a minimalist vibe featuring well-thought-out designs.  Most are book-bound and come in a variety of sizes as well. From A5 down to the petite A6 size for maximum portability. 

Book-bound planners offer a compact setup and lightweight portability. However, you do give up some flexibility in terms of your setup and the ability to add things as needs arise. There are ways around this (tip-in’s anyone?) but you’re essentially able to make it work if you need to.

So where does this lead you?

What ideas are now percolating in your brain? Have you come up with a clearer picture of what you might want in a planner?

I hope this has helped you to crystalize a few things as you consider a new planner.

And remember, when all else fails, what is most important is to get all the things out of your head and accounted for somewhere.  Whether that is Google Calendar, your phone’s calendar, a fancy planner or just a plain notebook.  Aplain notebook makes a great, customized “planner” if you want to have the ultimate control over how you plan. Investigate the Bullet Journal method if this interests you.

I’m a big proponent of getting things out of my head and into some format that I can record and track it.  I think it has helped me to be a more efficient and effective employee, wife, mother, and member of the communities I am involved in. 

I hope you’ll share in the comments below any thoughts that this might have sparked for you. 

If you have any questions about planners, I’d be happy to share any information I can with you. It’s a passion of mine, a hobby I enjoy, and a guilty pleasure I indulge in.  You can find out more about my planner obsession over on my YouTube channel if you are interested!

November Planner Setup

Well, you’ll probably not be surprised to see I’m back in Old Faithful this month!

Take a look at my setup to see what is the same and what has changed.

What’s in my Bag (planner tote edition)

A response to a request from many of you – here’s what I keep in my Delfonics Utility Pouch.

5 Things I’m loving right now

When you slide into your 50’s a lot of things change… including your skin, hair, and body! hah! Pretty much everything, right?

I thought I’d share some of the personal care products I’m using these days and have found to be particularly nice for the 50-something body I’m living with right now.


Better Not Younger Bounce Back Shampoo and Conditioner
I tried not to succumb to the social media ads. I resisted for months. I really did. But after dealing with “poofy” hair that lacked definition and was sooo dry, I decided to give this a try. I’ve tried a few other online hair care lines and was not very impressed. However, this curly-girl-friendly line had rave reviews, was aimed at over-50 women and I just couldn’t resist. I’m glad I caved. I really like it. My hair is so soft and bouncy. I’m not wild about the smell (think grandma’s shampoo) but the results are worth overlooking the smell. It’s a winner for me. And if you’re not sure, you can do like I did and buy the travel sized set to try out without a huge investment.

Bounce Back Super Moisturizing Shampoo for Curly Hair 8oz

Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic
This stuff has really made a huge difference in the definition and spring of my curls. I use two small pumps on soaking wet hair and follow with some gel. My hair is bouncy, happy, and very, very curly. It’s lightweight when it goes on your hair and while it says it is a “firm hold” gel, I find I need another gel on top to “seal the deal” but that just may be overkill on my part, or the very humid environment I live in.

Skin Care

Go-To Face Hero

I received this in an Ipsy box a few years ago and fell in love. It is the perfect nighttime moisturizer for my wintertime dry skin. It’s a little too much in the humid days of summer but as soon as the nights start to cool and the heat gets turned on in our house, this comes out of hibernation and becomes part of my nightly routine. After I cleanse, I use it as my moisturizer. My face feels soft, silky. smooth and very hydrated the next morning. It only takes a few drops (less than half a dropper-full) and I love how if feels and smells (think cupcakes) I will keep buying this one for sure.

Goldfaden MD Vital Boost

Another Ipsy find, this Goldfaden MD Vital Boost daily moisturizer is one of my favorites. I’ve been hoarding my sample tube and finally decided it was silly to save it – I’m so glad I decided to use it. My face loves the lightweight cream and it goes well under my makeup. It’s one of the few hyaluronic acid products that my skin doesn’t hate.

It’s a little pricey ($68 for a 1.7 oz container) so I don’t know if I’ll indulge once my Ipsy tube is gone, but for now I’m really enjoying this on my skin.

Vital Boost


My final favorite to share is the newest makeup I’m in love with. Ilia Beauty. These products have really made an impact in how I look and feel in my 50’s. They’re lightweight, not heavy or clumpy, and make my skin feel divine. I have been using the Super Serum Skin Tint for over a year and find that single bottle will last me about 3 months (with daily use). The formula is light and makes my skin feel and look fresh and bright. Youthful, even.

Once I tried the skin tint, I quickly reordered for some additional products and now pretty much my entire makeup routine revolves around Ilia products. I love the Multi-Stick for a blush with a light pop of natural-looking color, the concealer, and soft-focus finishing powder to finish up my routine. I’ve just recently started using the chromatic eye tint, so the jury is still out there, but so far I like the natural highlight it gives to my eyes.

The tinted lip oil is also a winner – I keep a little trial size in my purse for a quick, moisturizing natural swipe of color when I’m out and about.


So that’s it for my current favorites. What are some things you’re loving right now?

October Planner Check In

Come see how things are going for me using the Hobonichi A6 for October and what I’m thinking I’ll do for November. How is the Hobonichi A6 working for me? Are rings in my future? (again)

2022 Planner Plans

Thinking about what I want to do in my 2022 planners. Here’s a quick peek at what I’m considering.

Autumn Adventures

Another weekend adventure with my honey – this time to the North Georgia Mountains. We went to the Hiawassee Fall Festival at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds, rode up to the top of Bell Mountain outside of Hiawassee and had a great day touring around North Georgia.