Project life Tuesday

I managed to get a little scrapbooking done over the weekend and I thought I’d share some of the pages I made with you –

The Mom Creative

This year, I’m doing my Project Life album digitally. I’m using Creative Memories’ Storybook Creator software and Becky Higgins’ Turquoise Edition (for the most part)  I’ve also purchased these nifty little overlays that allow my pages to look like true pocket pages (I’m loving them).

I’m planning to print my pages as a book – hopefully, it will all fit in one volume and take up less space on the shelf than the 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 versions which are 2 volumes (2 3” binders) each!

Here’s what I have done so far – I’m terribly behind. I keep hoping to do 2-3 weeks worth of pages per week, but that has not happened yet. BUT, the beauty of Project Life is that I’m not stressing about it. I knocked out these pages in less time than it took to watch a movie on Saturday night (Thor, in case you were wondering – love that Chris Hemsworth!)

2013 Family Album - Page 0022013 Family Album - Page 0032013 Family Album - Page 0042013 Family Album - Page 0052013 Family Album - Page 0062013 Family Album - Page 007

More, hopefully, to share next week!

16 thoughts on “Project life Tuesday

  1. Your pages look awesome!! You will be SO happy with a digital book – they take up so little space 🙂 I did my 2012 year digitally and was so happy with the book!


    1. He acted like he hated it, but I know he LOVED it. It’s only once a year that he gets the whole bunch of grandkids together and he is in heaven the whole time. 🙂


    1. That has been my struggle and why I had not gone “full digital” up to now, but what I think I am going to do is scan things I want to include and put them in that way. Haven’t needed it yet, but as I get caught up I will. The other thing I’m trying to figure out is how to handle the “mini” pages I would insert between the 2 page spread for the week. Haven’t sorted that out yet.


  2. Wow, so many pages! It’s a drag to get behind but at least since PL can be done so methodically it’s less overwhelming (for me at least) to contemplate the mountain of unscrapped photos. I especially love your scarf-apalooza page, great colors, great detail pics!


  3. Love your pages. Digital looks so much cleaner.
    I love the pics of your mum and when you forgot your shoes!!! I thought it was just me that did things like that!! Fantastic. 🙂


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