Menu Plan Monday ~ 8 November

Well, I am getting “back in the saddle” after two somewhat lazy cooking weeks. I found myself slipping into the “pick up something to eat for dinner” habit this week and that is not where I want my family to be – for both budgetary and health reasons.

So, I got my act together and picked up the things I need for meals for most of the week.  I’m also baking and making my oatmeal bars for weekday breakfasts and trying a new bread recipe I’m hoping the family likes.

Here’s my plan for the week:

I’m sure we will eat a few ham sandwiches this week for lunch and if any of these dinner plans get derailed there is always leftover spaghetti to fall back on.

What are your dinner plans for the week?

6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday ~ 8 November

  1. We ended up with macaroni & cheese (at the kids’ request) instead of rice & black eyed peas, but I’m planning to do that sometime this week with the leftover ham, I think.


  2. Dinner plans for the week? Errrr, um … With no oven and no grill, and nearly no kitchen, it’s toasted sandwiches or dippy egg, I’m afraid. Envying you your organisational skills and determination!


  3. Well, with your renovations, I can certainly understand!! I don’t know if I could stand living in a house with a remodel going on. I’d love to have a new kitchen but I might have a breakdown if I have to go without it while it’s being renovated one day!


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