I have a new toy

I have been thinking about getting an eReader for a few months now.  I couldn’t decide between the Kindle and the Nook and I have been reading reviews and asking people that have both what they think of them. But, I still hadn’t made a decision.

Did I really need a digital book thingy? I mean, really?

And, would I really like it?

My mom and I are both voracious readers. I am usually reading two or three books at the same time. I keep one in the car, one by my rocking chair, and many on the nightstand.  That way, no matter where I am, I have a book to read.

My brother had mentioned the iPad to my mom when he was visiting in June.  I have seen so many people who’ve gotten one… but I just can’t seem to get past the high price tag and large size.  If I’m going to spend that much money, I just want to buy a new laptop – something I can do some digital scrapbooking and other things on – not just read and surf the web.


I am going on a business trip next week – and I have been trying to figure out how I was going to pick a book to read to take on the trip – since I have three I’m currently in the middle of. What if I finish one early on the trip? I don’t want to buy another book on the road when I have two more at home waiting to be finished. But, I don’t want to carry a bunch of books with me, either. That is just too much extra bulk and weight! (my mind never rests – it’s always tossing and turning on these silly conundrums – does your mind do this, too?)

So, my mind wandered back to the Kindle/Nook question again.  I went online (again) and read some more reviews. (I love CNet.com’s reviews.  They never fail me) After church yesterday, we went out for lunch and just happened (wink, wink) to go to a restaurant in the same shopping center as a Barnes & Noble.  I managed to sneak in and get a detailed demo of the Nook from a very knowledgeable salesperson (thank you!)

I discovered that the Nook has some cool little features that the Kindle doesn’t.  They are both so similar that there isn’t really one specific feature that puts one over the other, in my opinion. I think it boils down to personal preferences.  But here is what I liked about the Nook:image

  • I love the virtual menu – a touch screen rather than physical keys (the Kindle has keys).  I like it because it turns itself off after a few seconds (you can specify how long) and then you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing a menu key and having something happen in the middle of reading.
  • I love the eInk technology (they both have this). It makes it so easy on your eyes when you are reading – so much more easy than reading on my iPod touch or phone screen. It is black & white, so there is no color display (except the menu screen, which is in color)
  • I love the fact that I can have 1,500 books on the Nook at one time (I don’t think I’d ever worry about not having something to read again!)  And, with the Nook’s ability to add a micro-SD card, I can expand that capacity if I need/want to.
  • I can also put music on my Nook – so I can use it as an MP3 player if I choose.  Which is just a neat feature but not really something that I thought my future eReader had to have.
  • I love that I can download a book in less than a minute.  I am an impatient girl. If I find a book that I want to read, I want it NOW. I don’t want to wait to have to go to the store (maybe days from now) and now I don’t have to!  How cool is that?!?
  • I also love the fact that it stores where I left off reading in every single book I am reading – and will take me to the last point read when I open the book. No more lost bookmarks.
  • I think it is cool that it has a browser on it as well – Given, you are looking at a black & white screen (because of the eInk) and some pages look very dull in b&w, but at least you can look at the internet if the mood strikes you.  The browsing feature is a little strange (you use the color, touch screen at the bottom to scroll/pan around the larger b&w browser page) and is going to take some getting used to, but I like the fact that I can go online and look things up if the notion strikes me – and I don’t have to get my laptop out to do so.
  • I got the one with the 3G service on it. At first, I wasn’t really sure why I’d need that, but I found out in the first five minutes why, and I’m so glad I did.  The 3G service allows the Nook to connect to any AT&T cell tower (automatically, I didn’t have to do anything) and provide access.  In fact, I took the Nook out of the box on the drive home, just to see it in person, and when I turned it on, it connected to the 3G network and I was able to register my Nook and connect to B&N as we were driving home. THAT, my friends, was really cool. No waiting for a WiFi connection.  Just presto! and I was online as we drove down the highway.

Big Girl is also enamored with my new toy.  She has been very resistant to my planned reading schedule this summer and new books or trips to the library have not swayed her in her determination NOT to read.  However, the Nook seems to have changed all that. I don’t know if it is the novelty of it, or what, but she quickly asked for a book to be loaded (Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief) and started reading away.

I have noticed, prior to this, that she seems intimidated by books that seem “big” or “long” and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get her to pick stories that just seem interesting without being intimidated by their heft – since she will be reading them virtually.  I loaded the B&N eReader software on her netbook, so if I am using the Nook, she can still read her story. (As a matter of fact, if I have the B&N eReader software loaded on my phone or iPod, I can do the same and read any book I’m in the middle of on my Nook even if the Nook is not with me. I am not sure yet if the bookmarks will synch or not. Have to check that out.)Details 

As a matter of fact, she came downstairs this morning, Nook in hand, reading away.  Wow.  That’s just awesome.

So, I’m all set with my new toy and I’m ready for my business trip (just as soon as I pack).  I got a cute cover for the Nook, too – to keep it safe from scratches while it rides around in my bag. I think I’m going to name her – just haven’t decided what yet. “Nook” sounds silly – Big Girl and I both think.  And with this cute pink jacket, I think she is just begging for a name.  Matilda?  Beatrice?

Do any of you have eReaders?  Or thoughts about having one - or not having one?  I admit, I have been on the fence for a LONG time, but now that I got one, I’m so glad I did.

19 thoughts on “I have a new toy

  1. I got a Kindle for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it for the exact same reasons you listed.
    My only problem now is that the pricing has been going up due to eReaders’ popularity. I’ve noticed the last 4 or 5 new releases that I wanted, it would have been cheaper for me to order the hardback and have it shipped from Amazon than the Amazon price for the Kindle version of the book.


  2. I’ve been on the fence as to whether or not I want to purchase an ereader and you just totally sold me! I’ve gotta have a Nook. No question about it. Great post!
    Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day.
    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  3. That is interesting. I have found that B&N has great deals on the ebooks. They have a Friday Freebie that is a free book download and weekly specials where you can get books for less than $5 – many of them recent (but not brand new) releases. Can you load B&N ebooks on your Kindle?


  4. Good to hear about the advantages – not heard of the Nook much over here in the UK. Fascinated by Big Girl’s reaction – if all you can see is a page at a time, then it mustn’t seem so daunting … Not thought of having one but am now intrigued! Great post, and thank-you!


  5. Visiting from Lady Bloggers.
    Wow. I love this post. I’ve really been considering getting an ereader as well. After reading this, I’m kind of sold on the Nook. I didn’t know it was also an mp3 player!
    Still, I’m still kind of wondering (as you did), do I really need a digital book thingy?
    Best Wishes,
    ~Zabrinah http://zabrinah.blogspot.com


  6. I’ve thought about it at times, but I so love the physical experience of holding a book in my hands – but I can really see the advantages, especially being able to get a whole library onto a gadget smaller than just one book. Ack! Still undecided!!


  7. Alexa, thanks for stopping by. (I love your blog, BTW)
    Big Girl is still reading voraciously on the Nook (now named Beatrice) and if it gets her reading more, it is worth the price of the Nook! 🙂


  8. Mel, can you go in a B&N and try one out? That was what sold me … I had the same thoughts before I played with one in the store. It’s not really that different once you actually use one.


  9. I picked up the Nook a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. I got the 3G version as well, and it’s pretty awesome how quickly I purchase & download books!
    I went with the Nook because it was friendlier to open formats (pdf and Word documents) than the Kindle.


  10. I’ve been considering an e-reader for a long time. I have trouble with my eyes and refuse to get large print books. I found a great video comparison on YouTube. I had purchased a Sony Touch, but the type wasn’t crisp enough. The video review explained why – the touch feature means there’s an extra layer of glass, etc. etc. techie talk. I stopped in at my local B&N and got a demo. LOVED it and bought it on the spot. The Nook, plus 2 year warranty cost less than the Sony (plus, you don’t get external power with the Sony, you have to buy one if you want to recharge without using the computer). The best feature of the Nook is the customer service I get from the B&N. My cable had gone bad and I couldn’t recharge the battery. Tech Support suggested I get it charged at the store, which they did quite cheerfully. The second time I went (still hadn’t received the replacement cord) they loaned me a cord and plug to use. Actually, the lady offered me her personal extra cord, but the other sales guy found an extra in the office. LOVE my Nook. Like you, I love that I can go to where I left off in any book I’m reading. I love my B&N folks. My cover, however, cost more than the 2-year warranty – which was my choice, I loved the Kate Spade one. Still GREAT device and I’m actually reading again after years of not being able to read books for pleasure! Sorry if this is so long, I’m just so happy with the Nook.


  11. I debated for awhile myself on the nook vs kindle bit. It was actually way easier for me to get a sony ereader, but after researching, I knew I wanted the Nook. Immediately, I started plowing through books at the rate of one a day – and I don’t read short books. I love how I can hold it in one hand and read without my wrist aching and I can look at it for hours (and hours..) without straining my eyes. Mine was damaged and I’m currently waiting for BN to send me a replacement, but their customer service is wonderful!
    I actually wrote a post on my blog about the same thing. ^^


  12. This post describes my experience to a T! I’m in the process of moving, and have been realizing that I really can’t just keep perpetually buying books (space considerations, etc.). I chose the Nook over the Kindle because of the file formats the Nook works with — pdfs, epub, any many others. The Kindle only works with Amazon’s proprietary format, which I think is both annoyingly inconvenient and just plain obnoxious. I’ve absolutely loved my Nook, and I’m glad I got it! And it’s named Nookie. 🙂


  13. I’m a huge nook fan. Great article. I received my nook for Valentine’s, and I adore it. Read over 50 books this year – way more than I would have read normally. Because I can get books anytime, I have discovered new authors and genres. I love the color touch screen because I don’t feel like I am loosing the beauty of cover art.
    Also, it’s SO handy to be able to buy a book on the spot. Like those RARE moments when you find out your mother in law wants to keep the kids so you have a few hours to yourself! No more running to the bookstore!
    All that said – the nook is my husband’s worst enemy :).


  14. I bought my nook in April and I am so in love. I was also shocked that as soon as I took it out of the box and turned it on it connected to AT&T WiFI. It was amazing. Enlarging the font is one feature I couldn’t do without — it is so easy to read. I bought the Bronte (turquoise) cover for my nook and I take it with me just about anywhere. I also like that it goes to sleep when not in use and wakes up and returns to the page where you left off. Love it, love it, love it. I like going to Barnes and Noble also to check out More in Store and have a slice of spinach and artichoke quiche.


  15. You know, I hadn’t even thought about the customer service, really, but I did like the fact that I could go talk to a PERSON and touch, feel, play with the Nook before I bought it. I’m glad to hear B&N has such good customer service. If I ever have a problem, I know I’ll be taken care of.


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