Take THAT Starbucks!

I’ve told you before about my conversion to coffee drinking… and for the past few months, I haven’t had any coffee. (I'll tell you why tomorrow in my big secret reveal post)

Then, on our trip down to see the family for the Memorial Day weekend, I was dragging after packing and loading up to go.  I needed a pick-me-up, so I indulged in one of my most favorite coffee drinks in the world: Starbucks’ Caramel Frappucino.  You can now order it fat-free and sugar-free, so it fit into my dietary requirements.  Now, given, it was completely void of any nutritional value, I know that.  But it was the tastiest empty calories I’ve had in months!

Since we’ve come home, I have continued to crave that tasty caramel confection.  I am not going to indulge regularly in $5 coffee drinks which are just junk food for my body and brain, but I haven’t been able to get that drink out of my mind… I swear they put addictive substances into those coffee drinks… why else would you crave it days after having one?

Anyway, I happened to have some yummy Joffrey’s Coffee that is pretty good – Jamaican Me Crazy it’s called.

Jamaican Me Crazy

I made some this morning to try to assuage my coffee fix. It was soooo good.

Then, this afternoon, I was still craving some coffee. I decided, why not try making my own homemade Caramel Frap?

So, I took my leftover coffee (about a cup’s worth), splashed in a little International Delight Skinny Caramel Machiattoskinny caramel (which is sugar-free and fat-free), added a few ice cubes and whizzed it all up in my trusty little blenderooni I have for making my protein shakes (I briefly considered adding some protein powder, but figured I could do that another time)

 All I can say is YUMMMMMM

I am sipping it as I write this post. 

I will be indulging in a few more of these this summer.  And without the $5 each price tag of my other favorite drink!

4 thoughts on “Take THAT Starbucks!

  1. Caramel Frap from starbucks is my favorite drink too! Even on winter times, I still ordered this excellent drink for me. So I think, this amazing tip of yours might satisfy my cravings every time I want to without having $5 on my pocket. Thanks really for sharing your bright idea.
    – Tera


  2. I agree with saving the money and not spending $5 every time you want a Caramel Frap fix, but there will never be a complete replacement for the Starbucks drink,I think!


  3. Just an FYI…the Starbucks Fraps are not sugar free — the base they use has half sugar/half splenda. And the International Delights Skinny varieties aren’t sugar free either. I can’t have sugar, so I am very, very careful to check everything out. I had a long conversation with several different SB employees, and finally had them show me the nutrition info on the bases — sure enough, there’s sugar! Just beware…


  4. Wendy –
    Thank you for that information. I found out the Skinny creamers were not sugar free today when I was reading the bottle as I was fixing another drink. I did not know that about the Starbucks drinks, though. I am not supposed to have sugar, although I have found that I can tolerate a little bit at a time. I guess I will have to be more careful whenever I decide to indulge.


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