I’m back! (did you miss me?)

Hi, everyone!

I'm back!  I hope you didn't miss me too much while I was gone. I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving as a personal holiday from my computer.  Other than to check email occasionally, I did not log in to anything for one solid week.  I thought it would be hard to do, but with the kids home for the holiday and travel to see family, it was pretty easy to accomplish. 

I was pretty proud of myself because normally I'm sneaking off to check email, blogs, scrapbook, etc.    This year, I decided to focus on my family and enjoying the moments we had together. I wasn't idle, however, and you will see soon.

I have some really neat things to share with you this week, so I hope you will come back and visit me tomorrow… Here's a sneak peek:


Also, I will be part of a Cookie Swap Blog Hop this week! Join me on December 1st and you can hop from blog to blog to get some new recipe ideas for your holiday baking.

Until tomorrow, my friends!

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